Top 5 Most Popular Animes Of All Time

The most well-known anime series are included below, so it’s impossible to claim you haven’t at least heard of them! Most certainly, if you are a true fan of anime series, you are familiar with each and every one of these. However, if you are unfamiliar with these compelling Japanese series, this list is perfect for you. These anime productions are beloved by many fans all around the world, who repeatedly watch them and spread their enthusiasm for the anime to others! The Top 5 Animes of All Time are listed below.

1. Dragon Ball Z




Top 5 Most Popular Animes Of All Time

Time Five years have passed after the end of the Dragon Ball series, and Goku is now a young adult and the father of his son Gohan in Dragon Ball Z. The Saiyan king Vegeta and Nappa, Raditz’s friends, were then saved from the Earth by the Dragon Balls a year later. One of the anime series that appeals to viewers of all ages is Dragon Ball Z. In addition to being enjoyable to see, it also effectively teaches lessons. Don’t forget to point out that the majority of the characters possess absurd power-ups. Did I forget to add that this anime is both humorous and action-packed?

2. Naruto

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It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a youthful ninja who searches for acknowledgment from his companions and the town and furthermore dreams of turning into the Hokage one day, the pioneer of his town. The story is in two sections, the primary story is in Naruto’s pre-adolescent years, and the second is in his teenage years. With its relatable main protagonists, strong antagonists, and a world exceedingly unique, Naruto holds a special place in many anime viewers’ hearts. Sometimes you forgot that Naruto is a fictional character and not a real person.

3. Death Note



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Among his colleagues, Light Yagami is a regular, forgettable undergraduate. But one day he happens to come across a peculiar notepad that is laying on the ground. Soon, he discovers that the notepad has magical properties: If someone’s name is written on it while the author imagines that person’s face, that person will perish. Light assasinates those he believes to be unworthy of life while high on his newfound heavenly power. Nevertheless, a peculiar criminologist by the name of L becomes determined to overturn his ruling. Death Note is a popular anime because of its straightforward but thought-provoking storyline, the conflict between its two main characters, and its eccentric cast of characters.

4. Attack On Titanattack on titan ending 1 KGNM - Anime Converse

More than 100 years previously, a massive group of monster humanoids called Titans, all of suddenly showed up and almost cleared out humankind, eating them on the spot for no particular reason at all. They totally disregard other natural life. What survives of humankind presently lives inside three tremendous walls. With its unpredictable storyline which is more unique than a regular shonen story, the characters are extremely relatable and have depth. It’s also super easy to comprehend to all audience ages, for the most part.

5. Sailor Moon

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In Minato, Tokyo, a middle-school teenager named Usagi gets to know Luna, a talking dark feline who gives her a mystical wand empowering her to end up as Sailor Moon: a warrior bound to spare Earth from evil villains. Visually pleasing to the eye, and strongly recognized around the world, Sailor Moon changed everything for manga and anime fans in America. It opened many doors to many people in the world of anime. This particular one stands amongst other animes for its anime style and writing.

The anime industry has come a long way, and the top 5 most popular animes of all time are proof of that. These animes have captivated millions with their unique storylines, characters, art styles, and music. Each one of them stands out in its own special way and will continue to bring joy to viewers for many more years to come. If you’re looking for something new or interesting to watch, these five masterpieces should be at the top of your list! Especially Anime Converse is among the top hot Anime Merch this year!

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